Jack Green's Services

We provide the finest attention to detail by customizing each individual tuxedo or suit with our personal formalwear consultants and expert tailors. In addition to our impressive and versatile on site selection, we offer custom tailoring – Expert custom tailors on site daily to help with any additional alterations that may be required to obtain the most comfortable fit for each of their customers. This also includes any personal clothing alterations for all customers.


Jack Green Men’s Shop alteration methods have been perfected over the years to provide you with the finest quality workmanship. Our wide array of specialties, that are renowned within the community, span from same-day tuxedo rental tailoring to custom-fitting a new suit perfectly.

With our unique eye for structure and form, Jack Green Men’s Shop is able to devise a solution for even the most complex alternations.

Dress Alterations

For all your dress alteration needs, take your dresses to Jack Greens Mens Shop. With more than 10 years of experience, our customers know that we perform high quality custom tailor work. Our team at Women’s Praise Apparel will work with your wedding gowns, formal dresses, or women’s suits and perform perfect alterations.

Prom/Wedding Plans

Getting married? Heading to the prom? Schedule a time to sit down with the expert staff at Jack Green Men’s Shop to plan out your special day. We carry the hottest names in tuxedo fashion to make sure you’re looking great for your next event.